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Shark Tank 2015

Shark Tank Open Forum 2015

The thirteen contestants pitched thier orginal ideas at the Judson Entrepreneurship Forum. After hearing the contestants' pitches, students voted on their top three ideas. The five contestants who recived the most votes woul move on to final step of the competition. 


Shark Tank

Congratulations to the Shark Tank winners!   

In first place, Tag Me by Ethan Adams and Zack Conover. In Second place, University Quick Step Band by Stephanie Kleczyski. In third place, Event Connection by Rebekah Tabb.

Five unique ideas were presented on November 19, 2015 at Judson University. Each contestant had three minutes to pitch their own original idea. Then had seven minutes to answer questions from the judging panal. This year's judges had top notch questions about diffrent aspects of the contestants entrepreneurial ideas. After all five ideas were presented, the judging panal deliberated on who should be the 2nd Annual Shark Tank compitition. The audience had a key role during the compeition too. The audience had the oppurtunity to vote on the Fan Favorite Champion, which was Tag Me by Ethan Adams and Zach Conover. The 2nd Annual Shark Tank was a successful event for the Judson University Business Department.





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