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Shark Tank 2018:

Idea Showcase

October 23rd | 11 A.M.-1 P.M. | Judson University | Upper Commons

Voting at the End of the Page [Open 11 A.M. to Midnight, Oct. 23rd]


Joseph Atansio

"Artist Invest"

Major: Music Business and Entrepreneurship

Year: Senior

Fun Fact: Joey is a musician in a Christian pop band that is signed to a record deal.

Idea Explanation: Artist Invest is an app where people can invest in a band or artist in which they see potential. The app allows people to partner with that artist. Investors will receive 10% back on their investment each year as well as concert tickets, merchandise, and other packages throughout the duration of the payback period. The concept is designed to compete with Kickstarter, Patreon, and GoFundMe, which are only donation based and not investment return based.

Marcelo Sebastian Delfin

"Beast Gum"

Stefanie Puczek

"Customize Your Own Instrument"

Michael Mikhail


Nathanael DeLong


Major: Business Management

Year: Junior

Fun Fact: Marcelo loves to face challenges.

Idea Explanation: Beast Gum is a pre-workout gum that gives you energy before or during a workout.

Major: Music Performance

Year: Junior

Fun Fact: Stefanie's first language is Spanish. 

Idea Explanation: Customizing instruments would provide the option for marching bands to customize and decorate instruments in their school's colors. 

Major: Marketing and Management

Year: Junior

Fun Fact: Michael has flown across the Atlantic Ocean 4 or 5 times and hopes to continue traveling. 

Idea Explanation: Fizzition is a carbonated drink made with added vitamins and minerals without added sugar. This beverage line is intended to take away the negative view on sweet, carbonated beverages.

Major: Music Business and Entrepreneurship

Year: Senior

Fun Fact: Nathanael loves to create (songwriting, writing, puns, music, etc.).

Idea Explanation: MicroPHONE is an app where you can speak or sing into your phone and the sound will come out via Bluetooth speakers. It saves the hassle of setting up a PA system. This is a perfect way for people to have a little extra amplification when needed (business meetings, youth group discussions, sports games, etc.).

Alexander Fulton


Joey Pepper & Andrew Lewis

"Missionary Sports"

Major: Business Management; Business Management

Year: Freshman; Freshman

Fun Fact: Andrew is a baseball player.

Idea Explanation: A lot of professional athletes come from foreign countries. However, all over the world, children do not have the ability to discover their athletic talent. The goal of Missionary Sports is to train children and combine culture. There are no requirements for talent or faith in Missionary Sports. Christian or not, Missionary Sports will advance the Kingdom by advancing you.

Major: Architecture

Year: Freshman

Fun Fact: Alex was born in Detroit, lived in Ireland, and now lives in Panama.

Idea Explanation: Manufacturing standardized batteries and vehicle frames and creating a network of battery charging stations across the country. Potential of solving the problem of slow charging which inhibits the demand for electric vehicles.

Tom Fenske

"Package Protector"

Major: Marketing

Year: Senior

Fun Fact: Tom loves socks. He has been quoted saying "the only time I'm not wearing socks is in the shower".

Idea Explanation: Think of Package Protector like a post office collection box for the porch of your house. However, who wants that ugly thing outside their house? NO ONE! That's why they will be 'disguised' as outside furniture and still function as such. All the delivery person needs to do is remove a cushion, insert the package  and voile, your package is safe from theft!  

Sean Doherty & Riley Rowan

"Story Time"

Hannah McDowell

"Garage 622"

Mitchell Spencer & Sarah Reynolds

"Chicago One-Stop Treat Shop"

Major: Accounting; Management and Marketing

Year: Sophomore; Junior

Fun Fact: Sean likes to sing and Riley enjoys creating things through improvement.

Idea Explanation: A social media experience that allows users to post 25-second stories and get real-time responses. People vote on the stories they like and the top 3 winners get a cash prize. Story Time hopes to inspire and promote creativity across a broader range of individuals.

Major: Marketing

Year: Senior

Fun Fact: --

Idea Explanation: Rentable garage space for men and women that want to work on cars, but do not have the space. Includes lifts for vehicles and tools to rent. Locked tool boxes and storage lockers for those that need it. There will always be a mechanic on duty for those that get stuck or need a little assistance. That way, the user can come in during the weekend, after work, or when they find the time.

Major: --

Year: --

Fun Fact: --

Idea Explanation: There are a few things the Chicago area is known for: Union Station, the river being dyed green at St. Patrick’s Day, the Chicago Cubs, Portillo’s hotdogs... and popcorn. So much popcorn. Along with the city’s signature caramel and cheese mix, the Chicago area is a massive market for gourmet popcorn and other treats, for which we are going to make a one-stop-shop! We would like to become active in the community where we set up as well.

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